SPTC manufactures Medium and Large Power Transformers for the transmission of electrical energy, substation step down transformers, generator transformers for thermal, and gas generating stations.

The factory produces transformers up to 100 MVA, 145 kV class, three phases and conforming to IEC, BS, ANSI-IEEE and other standards.

Reliability: maximum short-circuit strength
Our Medium Power transformers feature either circular layer, helical or disc winding design depending on the voltage class and rating of each individual winding, ensuring a maximum short circuit resistance.

Copper conductor is always used together with upgraded insulation paper. Numerous similar designs have been previously put to the test and these have proven to provide a high level of reliability.

Design features
The SPTC Power transformer is available with a conservator oil preservation system. Heavy steel plates together with reinforced support members are used for tank construction to withstand full vacuum conditions.

Lifting, rolling and jacking provision along with standard and non standard accessories and features can be provided in accordance with industry standards and customer specifications.

Testing and delivery
Our Medium Power transformer is subjected to rigid electrical tests in accordance with the latest revision of ANSI-IEEE, and IEC. Standardization of design and manufacturing allows us to guarantee quick deliveries.

Our transformers are delivered with oil and assembled as much as transportation restrictions and road conditions allow us to. With the SPTC Medium Power transformer, projects can be realized in a shortest possible time – thus underlining again: “SPTC commitment to customer satisfaction”.


Head Office & Factory

2nd industrial city, Dammam
P.O. Box 6140
Dammam 32232


Tel: +966 13 814 4622
Fax: +966 13 814 4627


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